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Most Secret Hayagriva Transmissions with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche will continue giving the transmission of a series of texts related to the practice of Most Secret Hayagriva. Three volumes of texts are composed by Kalkha Damtsig Dorje, and two additional volumes have been compiled by the Fifth Dalai Lama. This is the lineage of Hayagriva practiced as the principle deity of Sera Je Monastery, and it is a very important cycle of transmissions that is only held by a few of lineage lamas outside of Tibet. It is not scheduled that Lama Zopa Rinpoche will offer the initiation this year, only the transmissions and Lojong/Lam Rim-style teaching leading up to the transmissions.

Open to everyone. You do not need to have attended previous years to attend this year. You do not have to have received a Most Secret Hayagriva initiation to attend.

Drati Khangtsen, Sera Je Monastery, Bylakuppe, Karnataka, south India. International guests will fly in to Bangalore airport, which is about 6 hours away from the monastery by car. It is possible to get here using the Indian bus system, but if that is not something you’re familiar with I would not recommend it as the most endearing way to be greeted by India after the many hours of your journey. If you are interested in what a bus journey might look like, email us and we can explain the options. Taxis are available for hire at the airport and will cost between 5,000 – 6,000 INR to get to the monastery. Within the airport lobby there are taxi stands which take your name and information and have everything registered formally. Once you head outside you will see many additional taxi companies vying for your business. The taxis that are booked from inside the airport will be less negotiable in their rates but many consider them safer since everything is clearly recorded. In our experience there have been no safety-issues, including for women traveling alone, in taking any of these taxis. At this time we are not able to coordinate shared taxis between arriving guests, but we encourage you to check with others in your local community and see if you can coordinate your travel plans, so you can share taxis.

15 Nov. – 20 Nov. Transmission
20 Nov. Long Life Puja

(Rinpoche has requested that the Long Life Puja be brief, so he can continue the transmission on the last day)
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be part of this incredible series of transmissions and teachings with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Sera Je Monastery. There is no registration fee. With that said, there are numerous expenses involved in hosting such an event and we depend upon the kindness and generosity of the students to be able to make these teachings available. If you are interested in making an offering toward or assisting in the sponsoring of this event, please contact me at LZRSeraJe@gmail.com, and we can discuss all of the sponsorship opportunities available.

Other teachings
As of right now, there have been no other teachings scheduled for winter 2017. It is rumored/anticipated that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will offer some teachings at Drepung, but it is nothing more than whispers at the moment.
If we hear of any other teachings scheduled either at Sera Je or elsewhere we will do our best to make that information known so guests can plan their trips.

It is imperative that foreign guests have PAPs. In general this is not something Sera Je is too concerned with, but sometimes when there are big teaching events, especially with HHDL, the police become very interested! In addition, you will not be able to rent any rooms in Bylakuppe (or Mundgod, if you travel to Drepung) without a PAP. PAPs can take upward of 16 weeks to receive, apply early! It does not cost anything to apply for a PAP, so even if you are just thinking about maybe contemplating the idea of possibly coming, apply for one! All of the information needed about applying for a PAP is included in the attached files.


As you can imagine, this is very difficult. If there are other teachings, especially HHDL, then all of the guest house rooms will be reserved by the monastery. If not, there are rooms available at Sera Je Guests House (called Yiga Choeling), Sera Je Healthcare Center Guest House, and Sera Mey Guesthouse. Of course, reserving rooms is a further difficulty if you are abroad. Almost all rooms available are going to be doubles. We will, as we have in the past, try to reserve a block of rooms. Right now this is a work in progress, so email us if you are interested and we will keep everyone updated on the situation as we move forward.

Sera IMI House does have some space available for ordained monks. Please contact IMI House directly at SeraIMIHouse@gmail.com to coordinate with them. Their space is limited, and as such contacting them sooner is better than later.

We suggest you contact your local Dharma Center and see what connections they have, as it is common for foreign Dharma centers to arrange for a handful of beds or rooms at one of the khangtsens (regional house groups). If you have any connections at Sera, Ganden or Drepung I encourage you to be in touch with them to see what they have planned and if they might be able to help. In addition, there are 4 other local monasteries and one nunnery. Similarly, if you have any connections at these locations I encourage you to be in touch with them. From our side we will keep investigating and see if we can find resources to share, but there is no guarantee at the moment.

Remember, this is India, nothing is impossible here! Everyone found accommodation in years past, even when 30,000 people came to Sera for HHDL’s Lam Rim transmissions, so I am confident it will work out here as well.