Dear friends,
Each winter, one person dies every 7 minutes from the cold on the streets of Delhi. Let us come together to help “Spread the Warmth” this winter. We at Tushita aspire to distribute 1000 blankets to the homeless and various shelters across the city. We will distribute the blankets and woolens from December 1st to Dec 5th, 2017.

Cost of Blankets:

  • One a heavy quality blanket is Rs 300/-
  • Medium quality blanket is Rs 250/-
  • Fleece sheets for infants/children is Rs 200/-

Any woolens for children are very welcome. Please make sure they are sanitized and packed in a neat way to give away.
These would be distributed at the Children’s home and various hospitals.

Volunteering opportunity: We need people who would be willing to visit the slum areas to help distribute blankets.
Please contact Venerable Samten:

You can make your donation either by cash or cheque(if the amount exceeds Rs 2000) at the Centre.
For a bank transfer please see the link:

Let there be Hope! Thank you