Tushita is looking for a new Centre Manager for the new season beginning in February 2019. The commitment is 12 months or longer.

The Centre manager will be helping the director in running the centre. The position requires one to work closely with the director on various activities, including:

    • Managing the day to day activities
    • Managing human resource processes, including screening for new recruitment, entry/exit procedures, leave, professional development, and performance management
  • Management of local staff and volunteers
  • Overseeing the building/maintenance of buildings, facilities & grounds
  • Managing localized resourcing issues; water, electricity, waste etc.
  • Providing advice and support to administrative staff on matters of policy and procedure and assisting with difficult enquiries
  • Providing support to the Centre Director and cover the role when absent
  • Ensuring the continued success of Tushita courses, projects and special events

The candidate should ideally have:

  • Knowledge of English and Hindi. Knowledge of Tibetan would be a definite plus
  • Have basic knowledge of Buddhism and Tushita. Would be great if you have done a course at  Tushita
  • Have some kind of management experience; managed people and handled a project or two.
  • Should be open minded, enthusiastic, self-motivated, well organized and happy to serve in a multi-cultured environment

If this appeals to you,  please apply by sending an email to director@tushita.info with your CV , 2 references and a short write up about yourself and why you would like to work at Tushita.